Monday, January 26, 2015

2014 Year-End Totals

Swim:  100 Miles (81 hours, 2:47/100 yards)

Bike:  1,445 Miles (113 hours, 12.8 mph)

Run:  417 Miles (74 hours, 10:38/mile)

Weight:  182.5 Start, 185.0 End, 191.5 Max (September 2014), 179.0 Min (January 2014, June 2014)

Swim:  Down 15% from 2013.  Continued to swim with Dag.

Bike:  Up 26% from 2013.  Really padded my mileage by getting on TrainerRoad and setting up the trainer indoors.

Run:  Down 5% from 2013.  Was a 3W ambassador again, but did not get to race much.

43 hours of strength training for the year.

Overall it was a more balanced year.  I shoot for 100 hours swimming, 1200 miles biking and 500 miles running.  I only came up short on the running.

In 2015, I may keep the trainer set up all year.  I would like to give cross fit a try, but otherwise plan to stick to what works.

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