Monday, May 18, 2015

Birthday Party

We hosted a birthday party this past weekend at the Apex Simms Street Center.  We have enjoyed coming here for gymnastics lessons for quite some time and when our first born was again becoming one year older, it seemed like a good fit.

With a party rental, you get the gymnastics floor, tables set up in the lobby, goody bags, balloons, and a host that can accommodate 12 children.  Whittling down the guest list was a significant problem and we will have another party at the house.  Mia was a great host and really engaged the children to have them try some new skills in addition to having fun in an obstacle course environment.

The 2 hour block was broken into 30 minutes open play, 30 minutes coordinated activities, 30 minutes pizza and cupcakes and 30 minutes open play.  This worked really well and accommodated children with more/less gymnastics experience and shorter/longer attention spans.  All of the kids seemed to have a great time, although the gift bags left a bit to be desired.  We made cup cakes at home to provide as nut free an environment as possible and ordered pizza from Blackjack.

A couple of parents stuck around as well.  It was kind of funny to see us middle agers on the trampoline and in the foam pit.  One of the Moms surprised me by doing cartwheels and even a couple of round offs.  I surprised myself by doing part of a front hip circle.  I was on the low bar and my legs hit the floor instead of coming all the way around.  I really need to work on my core strength and would like to be able to do a skin the cat.

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