Monday, August 17, 2015

Kidz Bop – Make Some Noise!

For those of you without children under the age of 12, KidzBop is a group of 4 teenagers that cover pop songs and target pre-teen audiences.  They lyrics are massaged a bit to tone down any inappropriate nuances.  They also do a reasonable job with choreography while singing along to the music.

Having 6 & 8 year old girls, I didn’t hesitate to say yes, when my wife offered to get the family tickets.  The Paramount Theater is a great venue and the kids had room to dance in the aisles when we weren’t in our seats.  The girls were a little put off by the “loud” concert venue, but they quickly got into the swing of things singing along with and dancing to their favorites.

In the spirit of the ancient concert attendee that I am, I will offer the set list:

First opener:  Artistic Dance Fusion Academy
Second opener:  Sela Hack

Uptown Funk
Make Some Noise
Why You Got To Be So Cruel
All About that Bass
Your Lips are Moving
Steal my Girl
Thinking Out Loud
Party Rock (mashup)
80’s (Mom’s mashup – Living on a Prayer, Don’t Stop Believing)
Best Day of My Life

Love Runs Out
Am I Wrong
Break Free
Boop Clap
Gangnam Style (Dad’s mashup)
Happy (acapella)
Shake It Off

Apparently some folk attend every year.  I saw little girls running around with last year’s t-shirts (at $25 each for kids sizes).  We also saw a large contingency at Maggiano’s, where we stopped for dinner.

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