Thursday, September 17, 2015

SUP on Standley Lake

This weekend we took our final outing on Standley Lake which closes for boating activities on September 30th.  The past two times we went, we rented a canoe and all four of us could go in one.  This time we opted for paddle boards with Mom and our second born on one and our first born and I on the other.  I don’t have the best balance and our first born was more comfortable taking a dip if required.

The wind was stronger than I realized and we spent most of the time paddling from a kneeling position.  I tried standing up a few times, but was not real comfortable and did in fact end up splashing in the water once.

What we did not realize was that we were being pushed towards the center of the reservoir.  In fact when I did realize how far out we had gotten, I made the call to just paddle straight back to shore.

Unfortunately my wife was not able to make much progress paddling into the wind.  Rather than staying out there, I dropped off kiddo and returned with a canoe which we transferred them to and towed the paddle board back to shore.  I was pretty exhausted and quite relieved when we were all back on dry land.

As we were leaving three paddle boarders were getting a tow from a motor boat.  I guess they found themselves outside their capabilities as well. 

It was still a fun morning and a better workout than I had planned.  Next summer, we may opt for sit aboard kayaks for our boating adventures.

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Bob the runner said...

Sounds scary. Lucky you had the canoe option!