Thursday, December 03, 2015

Ski Season!

After much internal debate, I decided to get Eldora 4 packs for my 8 year old and myself this season.  With the slopes opening on November 20th, it is finally time for us to get out there.  My 6 year old struggled a bit last season and I am hoping 1 or 2 lessons this year will get her to the point that she can get on the chair lift and ski down the greens with me. 

While I don’t think skiing will be our family thing, it is fun to get outdoors.  Colorado has some of the best skiing in the country and some exposure now will allow them to go skiing with friends or as adults.

2 years ago we started with lessons at Arapahoe Basin.  In retrospect, 4 years old is kind of young to start ski school, but she did well.  It helped that her older sister was with her.  Last year we did an additional lesson, and the older one enjoyed it, the younger one not so much.  Now a couple of inches taller, I think she will have a lot more confidence.  It is also going to be a very nice day (sunny with a high around 32 degrees) which should help as well.  Worst case scenario we decide to call it a day at after lunch.

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