Monday, July 25, 2016

Union Reservoir Swim

I finally got out for some open water swimming.  By delaying as long as I did, I was treated to balmy 79 degree water at Union Reservoir.  I probably could have swam in just my Speedo, but decided to take the opportunity to try out some new gear rather than being surprised on race day.

Champion Systems tri-shorts - These fit well and were just as comfortable as my last pair from Champion Systems.

Roka Sim Comp Shorts -  These are neoprene shorts that provide a bit of buoyancy without the exposure protection of a wet suit.  Blue Seventy has the Core Shorts in their line-up and XTerra has the Lave Core shorts in their line-up.  These did provide a good amount of buoyancy, but obviously not as much as a wet suit.  They were reasonably comfortable.  On my first lap, they were too tight in the crotch, but after making some adjustments, the next three laps were much better.  Women may not have the same issues.

Zoggs Predator Swim Goggles - I bought these polarized goggles as swim glare has been a constant issue for me with either early morning or late afternoon events.  They fit my face well and I could tell the difference of having polarized goggles.  These may be my new favorites and my Aquasphere Kaiman will be the back-up pair of goggles.

The real treat of Union Reservoir is stopping for a burrito on the way home and as usual, Santiago's did not disappoint.


Bob the runner said...

Good info. Union Res is warm! I suspect Bear Creek won't be so warm when you do Littlefoot. I've looked at the Lava pants but was too cheap to spend the money.

Sanjiv Gupta said...

I got the Roka shorts for $30 at the end of last season.