Monday, July 18, 2016

Wilderness Aware Rafting

This past weekend, the family drove down to Buena Vista (pronounced Bunee Vista by the locals) for a half day of rafting.  We were doing a very easy section of the Arkansas River called Lower Browns Canyon.  Our family along with 3 guests from Iowa were guided by Isaiah for a leisurely jaunt down about 8-9 miles of river.

As this was our first experience rafting as a family we wanted something tame.  Despite the extensive safety talk, helmets and very secure personal flotation devices (PFD's) this is exactly what we got.

Wilderness Aware Rafting has been around for 40 years and is a great facility.  We were promptly greeted by the front desk, introduced to our guide and had a chance to purchase reasonably priced drinks for our afternoon on the water.  We took a van with the raft in tow to the put in point (about 25 minutes away).  Our trip ended in Salida and the return trip was about 30 minutes and Isaiah had snacks and drinks in the car for the ride back.

The girls had a lot of fun and especially liked the small rapids.  We saw a swan, two deer and several geese on the water.  The water way was pretty busy with fly-fishers, tubers, kayakers and other rafters along the way.  I was also impressed by some of the incredible homes in the area.


Bob the runner said...

Great video Steve and I like the music! Looks like you had fun but I wondered if your arm tired from holding the camera.

Sanjiv Gupta said...

I was looking for banjo music and that was the best free song I could find. Over the 2.5 hour float, I took about 6 minutes of video. The clip is the best 2 minutes of that.