Monday, April 08, 2019

Golf with the kids

We finally had the perfect confluence of nice weather and a free weekend, so I decided to get the kids out on the golf course.

On Saturday we went to the golf course and were only planning on hitting balls.  Stopping in at the pro shop, we found out the tee sheets are pretty open after 4:00 PM and that they could have gotten us out that day. 

Instead we decided to play a round the next day.  We arrived at the course at 4:15 PM and they were able to get us right out.  We did not warm up much and instead just approached the Tee box.  I had planned out playing from the whites and the girls from the reds and do a scramble.  That worked on some holes and some they wanted to play out, getting between 20 and 40 yards per stroke.  We also putted out each hole we played.

I can't remember the last time I played a regulation course. and 300+ yards to the pin was an eye opener.  I played from the red tees as well as I was not ready to break out my driver.

Over the course of 2 hours we all played holes 1-6.  We all skipped 7.  Nisha and I played 8.  Finally I played the ninth hole.

It was really fun to be out on the course and get comfortable again.  We lost a few balls.  We learned some golf etiquette.  Best of all we got a golf cart for the afternoon which was super fun.  I think the girls each need their own putter.  Otherwise they can share a bag.

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