Thursday, August 15, 2019

Funn Mamba Pedals

In an earlier post, I related my mountain biking adventures.  Although I rented a bike, I opted to bring my shoes and pedals.  The pedals worked well enough, but they are certainly an older model SPD pedal (circa 1996).  As I was doing a little hike-a-bike up the climbs, I found my cleats filling with mud and then it was tough to get clipped back in.

I had been wanting platform pedals for my Surly for quite some time and this was the perfect opportunity to upgrade my pedals.  I looked at Crank Brothers Doubleshot and the Shimano Dual Platform pedals.  I went with the Funn Mamba single sided for a couple of reasons.  (1) the Crank Brothers would not less suitable without cleats.  (2) the Shimano Dual had a smallish platform.  I felt like the Crank Brothers would clear mud better, but I am rarely riding in muddy conditions.

Installation was a breeze and I picked up some Park Anti-Sieze as well so that I would not have problems down the road.  They were well packaged, came with cleats and spare nubbins and a hex key.

I took a brief test ride and really enjoyed them.  The tension is adjustable, but the factory settings were just fine for me.  Very light clip in and clip out.

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