Friday, October 04, 2019

Plaza Suite

My wife and I had the opportunity to attend a preview showing of Plaza Suite, by Neil Simon, performed at the Arvada Center.  The company at the Black Box Theater has always impressed me and the chance to take in a light comedy was not to be missed.

The play was essential 3 acts plus 1 mini-act with all roles be played the same group of 5 actors.  All of the acts take place in Suite 719 of the famed Plaza Hotel in New York with couples at various stages of their lives.  The first act consisted of a couple married over 20 years, with a workaholic husband and supportive wife.  The second act consisted of high school sweethearts reconnecting, despite the woman being married and the man being thrice divorced.  The third act consisted of a married couple that is actually a team working to get their soon to be married daughter out of the bathroom and to the venue.

The dialogue was witty and I would have missed several of the 1968 references if not for the study guide.

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