Monday, December 23, 2019

Goodbye 2019

It just occurred to me that I failed to do a Goodbye 2018 post.  But for 2019 here goes...

2019 was a good year for the household.  I solidified my career with a year of employment at CDOT.  My wife is continuing her Air Force commitment.  My first born started 7th Grade at D'Evelyn Junior/Senior High School.  My second born started 5th Grade at Woodrow Wilson Academy.  They continued with piano taking lessons at home.  They are also both playing basketball through the Apex Center.  My 5th grader did a science fair project on water quality.

We hosted birthday parties for my second born at Skate City and my first born at Boondocks.

We traveled extensively this year thanks to Southwest Airlines' companion fare.  We were in Memphis in January, Orlando in April, Nashville in May, Seattle in July, Houston in July, Hawaii in November and Las Vegas in December.  In addition, I made a solo trip to Memphis in September.

Professionally, I am feeling good about transportation.  It is not "fun" like oilfield work was and there is a little more bureaucracy than there was at Oracle, but overall, it is a rewarding environment in terms of authority and autonomy. I like the stability of government funding.  Most importantly, I like that it is relatable.  People can understand what I do for a living.

My community involvement has stayed low.  I have avoided taking on new commitments.

In terms of hobbies, I have again embraced Crossfit, doing the 2019 Crossfit Open in March and the 2020 Crossfit Open in October.  I did a charity 5K and a team mountain bike event.  We played golf several times and I have been enjoying my new clubs.

I had a few key coin purchases including an 1829 dime and two 1832 half dimes (they were different varieties).

We got 2 days of skiing in the spring, but have not been yet in the fall.  I did not get out shooting.

I read a few novels this year.  My favorite was Educated by Westover.

In terms of purchases, the best was probably for Crossfit.  I got a Nylon weightlifting belt from Rep Fitness and some Nubz from Jerkfit.  The Roomba was an OK purchase.

We had a few home improvements with 2 bathroom remodels, a new driveway and new fans in the girls bedrooms.  The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl and the Washington Nationals won the World Series.  Matt Frazier and Tia Clair Toomey both repeated by winning the Crossfit Games.

Best wishes for 2020!

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