Monday, June 15, 2020

Titleist TS2

I ended up making good on my decision to pick up a new driver.  We were out running errands and while the family was at Barnes and Noble, I stopped by Golf Galaxy to find my desired driver on sale.  I talked briefly with the sales person to make sure I had the more forgiving driver, with a standard flex shaft and 10.5 degrees of loft.  I elected to have it re-gripped with the CP2 Pro Midsize Grip.  It came with a head cover as well.

Swinging it today reinforced my decision.  Aside from one hit when I got underneath the ball, it felt as good as I remembered.  I do not have a long drive, but it felt good in the hand and was remarkably consistent.  I brought my old driver out with me just for grins and the distance was comparable, but the feel was much better.

Three generations of drivers pictured.  My original purchased used in 1994.  My upgrade purchased around 2001-2002 and my new driver.  I knew the head was bigger.  I did not realize how much bigger until I placed them side to side.

My gold accoutrements are nearly complete.  I would like to get some golf shoes.  If I work on my short game more, I will likely get a set of wedges.  I think I will forego getting a new bag.

In terms of wedges I am currently playing
Callaway Rogue PW 44 deg
Callaway Rogue AW 49 deg
Spalding Pro Series Utility Wedge 58 deg

As a tester, I might just grab a sand wedge to fill out my existing wedges.  Leaning towards a Titleist Vokey Design SM8 Wedge 54 deg, F grind with 14 deg of bounce ($159).  Alternatively Callaway Jaws MD5 54 deg, W grind with 12 deg of bounce and a steel shaft ($159).

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