Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Facebook Marketplace

I have been selling a number of items on Facebook Marketplace and it never ceases to amaze me how diverse people are.  For a given item, I received 10-20 is this available, with only 4-5 I am interested or have other questions and the 1 party who purchases the item in question is usually there within hours of expressing interest.

The dresser had the most interest.  Listed at $30 it sold for $30 (cash).

The motorcycle helmets and gloves had some interest, but certainly less so.  Each was listed for $30 and the gloves for $20.  I sold both helmets for $60 (venmo) and still have the gloves.

The golf set received some interest, but so far no takers.  The full set from 3-PW, 1, 3, 5 woods and putter with bag were listed for $60, reduced to $40.  A couple of inquiries.  Sold at garage sale for $40.

The much boots showed a surprising amount of interest.  I ordered steel toe and was accidentally shipped these.  The company told me that I could keep them.  I listed for $30 and got $30 (cash).

I listed my wife's bag for $20 and included the pull cart and a few random clubs.  Similar to the my old set, there were a few people that inquired, but no takers.  Sold for $15 to this gal from Texas.  I am not sure why she wanted to bargain down, but I do not need the $5 that bad.

We listed a sofa set for $100.  It is in pretty good shape, but it is bulky.  Reduced to $75 and then $40.  A couple of inquiries.  Given to Andrea for free.

Sold my old dresser for $40.  This beast has been with me for a quarter century.  I bought it when I was renting a room in Boulder for $40.  It was in storage when I rented a room in Lafayette.  I moved it to an apartment in Gunbarrel.  Then it was back in storage for my next apartment.  Then it moved into my studio apartment in Boulder, my condo in Superior, the rental condo in Arvada and finally our current home.

Gymnastics Mat is listed for $100.  A couple of inquiries.  Sold for $75 to a gal that has been doing gymnastics lessons out of her home.

Balance Beam is listed for $25.  Sold for $15.

My original wetsuit sold for $20.  I probably had $200 into this, but I always preferred my sleeveless wetsuit for swimming.

Le Creuset cookware is listed for $160.  Sold for $125.

Powertap SL is listed for $50.  No interest.

Hornady Lock-N-Load Reloading Kit, dies and bullets listed for $420.  Sold supplies via Craigslist, planning on selling press to a neighbor, and will keep dies and ammunition for an indeterminant period of time.  Sold dies and press via Craigslist.

Crossfit Strongman Tire is listed for $40.  Sold for $40.

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