Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Facebook Marketplace

I have been selling a number of items on Facebook Marketplace and it never ceases to amaze me how diverse people are.  For a given item, I received 10-20 is this available, with only 4-5 I am interested or have other questions and the 1 party who purchases the item in question is usually there within hours of expressing interest.

The dresser had the most interest.  Listed at $30 it sold for $30 (cash).

The motorcycle helmets and gloves had some interest, but certainly less so.  Each was listed for $30 and the gloves for $20.  I sold both helmets for $60 (venmo) and still have the gloves.

The golf set received some interest, but so far no takers.  The full set from 3-PW, 1, 3, 5 woods and putter with bag were listed for $60.

The much boots showed a surprising amount of interest.  I ordered steel toe and was accidentally shipped these.  The company told me that I could keep them.  I listed for $30 and got $30 (cash).

I listed my wife's bag for $20 and included the pull cart and a few random clubs.  Similar to the my old set, there were a few people that inquired, but no takers.

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