Monday, September 27, 2021

EcoFlush Model B8100

I finally figured out the crazy toilet in the main floor half bath.  The toilet was not flushing particularly well and when I opened the bowl, I discovered a large black molded plastic container that is supposed to be some water saving device.

I watched some youtube videos and came across the troubleshooting guide.  I got started be cleaning the intake filter.  I also checked for leaks around the system.

Finally I checked the installation manual which describes the dual flush system where a 1.6 gallon flush is performed by pressing the toilet lever down and a 1.1 gallon flush by lifting the toilet lever up.  The default, can be changed by switching the lines to the flush valve cartridge.

The dual flush epiphany prompted me to lift the lever up and sure enough this thing flushed like a champ.  I patted myself on the back and made a little note to place above the toilet.  Seeing how these are $300+ premium toilets, I was very relieved not to just replace it with a standard gravity fed toilet tank.

Another curiosity was a plastic water shut off valve with the plastic piece cracked.  I reinforced it with electrical tape, but I would like to have a plumber replace it with a brass shut off.

The only other plumbing project in the house is to add a water line to the basement refrigerator.

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