Wednesday, December 15, 2021


I am a collector.  I would like to say my collecting is limited to antiquities or a specific genre such as coins or stamps, but it truly spans the gamut.

I am intrigued by antiquities and novel items.  I like things that connect me to a different time and place.  When I come across something unique, whether it is for sale or part of somebody else's collection, I have to inquire.

My father was a collector as well who specialized in United States, World and Ancient coinage.  He collected sculptures in bronze, jade and ivory.  He collected wood carvings and porcelain.  He had a collection of hand knotted rugs.  He would seek out unique items whether they were newspaper clippings or very difficult to find items.

I have been bitten by the same bug.  However finances and limited space have put guardrails on my collection.
  • Coins - I enjoy United States dimes and half dimes and Gupta Dynasty coinage
  • Books - I have a fair numismatic reference library and a number of poker books including the original Confessions of a Poker Player and Foster's Practical Poker
  • Firearms - I have a Civil War handgun; I have bought and sold WWII era rifles; I own a Colt King Cobra and a Ruger 10/22 built with iron sights
  • Household Goods - I came across a really interesting collection of clothes irons at an estate sale and could not help but purchase one.
  • Toys - I bought a doll house for the kids and sold it, but kept a cast iron stove and some other miniature furniture
  • Strength Equipment - I bought a York blob and am very interested in unique and vintage gym equipment.  I will be purchasing a set of SYQQ barbell collars and am smitten with the Eleiko Hybrid barbell.  I would gladly pay for vintage globe dumbbell, If I came across one in the 55-80# range.  I like strongman stuff as well.
This post was prompted by my recent searches for York Deep Dish or York Machined Olympic plates.  Fortunately, I did not come across anything particularly interesting.

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