Thursday, January 06, 2022

Dental Woes

I had my first dental implant with procedure starting June 2019, March 2020 the implant was placed and running through August 2020 when the tooth was placed before I could finally eat on the left side of my mouth.

Somewhere along the line I also had a crown placed on tooth 19 (lower left).  This tooth has been slowly degrading and is no longer viable.  Phase 1 is set for January 20, 2022 when I will have the tooth extracted packed with cadaver bone and allowed to heal for about 4 months, before the second procedure to place the implant.  Following stabilization of the implant, my general dentist will put a tooth on.

Phase 1 will run me $764.40 as my insurance does not cover guided tissue regen-resorb-per nor does it cover Bone repl grft ridge prsv/site.

It sucks to have these kind of dental issues at my age, but I have learned and do take pretty good care of my teeth now with cleanings every 3 months at Periodontist and General Dentist, brushing 2x per day, using a gum go-betweens (30 pack purchased 5/2021; I need to look for the rest, because I am not burning through these at 1/week am I?) and wearing a mouth guard and night and when lifting heavy.  

Start to finish the process costs around $3000 which is ridiculous, but certainly preferred to dentures.  Even if it only buys me 10-20 years, I would certainly prefer dentures at 70 compared to dentures at 60.

UPDATE 1/20/2022 - Procedure 1 is complete, soft foods for two weeks and no chewing on the surgical site.  My follow-up will be February 3 and then I get a few months reprieve until the implant is placed.

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