Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Ghosts of Hobbies Past

As I have become more and more immersed in strength and conditioning, my primary hobby has become the outfitting and optimizing of a home gym.  The financial outlay this year has been about $3,000.  The space occupied is significant and my 2 car garage is now a 1 car garage and a home gym.  That is not ideal for winter.  As I begin to migrate equipment to the basement, I am haunted by the ghosts of hobbies past.

In order of most to least frequently used:

Bicycling - Not current, but not past either.  I own (3) bicycles, plus a bin of parts, and clothing to ride from 30 degrees to 100 degrees.  I have been riding on the trainer and try to ride weekly in the summer.

Golf - I have (2) sets of clubs and really need to part with my old set (SOLD May 2021).  I try to hit balls or play weekly in the summer.

Coin Collecting - This is more of a financial investment than a space investment, but I still have managed to stash 60+ coins in a safe deposit box and have a bin of stuff in the house.  There is the significant investment in a numismatic library as well.  I attend the Denver Coin Expo annually and follow the major auctions.

Scuba Diving - I have one tote of gear, plus fins, 3 mm wetsuit, 7 mm wetsuit and BCD.  I dive about 4 times annually.

Skiing - I have all of my ski gear, plus a back up pair of skis and an old set of bibs.  I ski about 3-4 days annually.

Tennis - Just one bag of tennis stuff, that I will keep for a while.  I would like to play a couple of times per month, but this year not so much.

Camping - One tote, plus a couple of tents and a camp stove.  This seems like a long term holding as well.  We camp maybe once per year.

Swimming - I surprised myself by having a full tote of swimming stuff plus a backpack.  Items include goggles, pull buoy, paddles and other random training tools.  I have not been in the pool in over a year.

Shooting Sports - I somehow managed to accumulate a shot gun, Ruger 22 caliber rifle, (2) WWII rifles a Mosin (SOLD) and a Swiss K22 (SOLD), a Colt 357 King Cobra, a Taurus 380 and a Smith & Wesson 22 caliber handgun.  I have a reloading press and a host of supplies (SOLD).  I have not been shooting in over a year.

Climbing Gear - I only have one bin of climbing gear, but I really don't see myself doing much climbing in the future.  I have not been climbing in several years.

Softball - Just one bag of softball gear, that I will probably keep for a while.  I have not played softball in several years, but me and the girls did throw the ball around.

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