Wednesday, January 26, 2022

How To Set Up A Dive Crate Caddy

This little post from Diver's Ready has got me started on a small project.  Usually, I throw all of my gear in an IKEA bag and this seems to work for the most part.  It is big enough to hold my:

BCD with Weight Pockets
Wetsuit (and gloves and hood if necessary)
Mask and Snorkel
Regulator and gauges
Compass, Buddy Cord

Separately I store my tank and fins.

Finally in a second bag, I bring a change of shorts, dive log, pen, towel and beverage.

The IKEA bag is ideal because it is big, soft, light and cheap.  It does not protect fragile items, so I throw those on top.

I do like the idea of a crate for local diving at the Coral Sea.  Best value I have seen for the crate itself is $33 for a 3 pack plus $20 shipping from Milk Crates Direct.  Bungee cord I can probably scrounge from the house or buy from Walmart for a few bucks.  U bolts I could get from Lowe's for a few bucks.

Diver's Ready opts for a milk crate as he goes from home to truck to boat and back.  His kit includes 2 spools, SMB, wrist mount computer, dive light, dive knife weight pockets, booties, go pro, wet suit, regulator and probably a couple of other items I missed.  The hardware and internal bungee are for gear he keeps organized with snap bolts.  

That is attractive to me as I am planning on setting up my go pro on a snap bolt and also purchasing a dive light.

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