Monday, February 14, 2022

2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited Sedan 4D

Me and my wife have typically purchased new cars.  However, with our daughter turning 16 soon, we opted to dip a toe in the used car market.  A good friend of ours follows the market closely and indicated that cars were trading 10-15% above Kelly Blue Book.  This is partly due to chip shortages that are shrinking the new car supply.

We were set on a Subaru that was less than 10 years old and under 100,000 miles.  Ideally our kids could drive it for about 5 years an we would sell it for 75% of what we paid for it.

We were taken aback when an ideal vehicle came up for sale near our house.  It was being offered for $12,250 was exactly 10 years old and only had 68,500 miles.  It was owned by one family and they had service records through Groove Subaru.  No emissions issues (passed February 2020) and a clean title.  My wife drove it and liked it.  The exterior has a few bumps and bruises.  The leather interior was really nice.  The tires looked like they had plenty of tread.  No rust or signs of abuse on the undercarriage.  The engine bay looked clean and the battery was in the appropriate place on the drivers side front of the vehicle.

Seller's Description:

Selling my 2011 Subaru Legacy Limited 2.5i. This car has always been family owned and only has 68,500 miles on it (occasionally driven so miles will change).

This car was purchased new from Groove Subaru in 2011. It is mechanically sound and has been dealer maintained it’s entire life. 

The black leather interior is in a immaculate condition. The back seats have only been sat in a couple of times. 

The only flaws with this car are cosmetic, the scratches on the driver side from someone that sideswiped it, a crack in the front bumper from someone who backed into it and the missing side mirror cover which I have a replacement for that is currently being painted. 

I recently had the windshield replaced and replaced the brake rotors and pads. 

The wheels are equipped with Yokohama YK740 GTX all season tires. 

The only reason I’m selling this car is because my wife wants a bigger car, otherwise I would hang onto it. 

Please message me if interested!

We offered $11,000.  This was the top of the blue book range.  I actually did not expect to get the vehicle at this price, but Brandon Kahl agreed and we have a plan to transact the vehicle.

It seems like a lot of money to plop down, but the cheapest Subaru at Groove Subaru right now is a $25K Impreza Premium.  Besides costing over twice as much, the insurance and registration would be much more expensive as well.  We would also take a bigger hit at resale.

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