Friday, July 29, 2022

49 Dives!

I finally completed a dive book.  A feet that I never thought I would accomplish.  Since getting certified in 2005 (17 years ago), I have made 30 local dives in the Coral Sea in Arvada and visited a number of domestic and International dive sites for an additional 19 dives.

2005 - Los Cabos
2013 - South Shore, Oahu
2014 - Rainbow River, Florida (freshwater)
2015 - Nassau
2015 - West Palm, Florida
2017 - Nautilus & RJ's Reef, Miami
2018 - Key Largo
2019 - Maui & Kona

Over that time, I have outfitted myself with gear for local diving as well.  Even at 30 dives, I am a far cry from breaking even.  I started in 2013 with the basics including, booties, 3mm wetsuit, fins, mask snorkel.  I added a used BCD and then bought a new regulator set (with octopus and computer console) in 2014.  I added a 7mm wetsuit and hood in 2016 that was not a good investment.  In 2019, I transitioned to an Atomic SS1 and love this.  I had to replace my regulator in 2021 as it was unserviceable (7 year life was acceptable).

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