Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Kissimmee Labor Day Weekend

Friday - 1100 - Leave for airport, Centurion Lounge, stomach distress, fly to Orlando, pick up RAV4 rental car, arrive at Storey Lake, pizza for dinner

Saturday - Check out club house, Storey Lake pool with all of the kids, sandwiches for lunch and Indian (Punjabi) food for dinner

Sunday - Chilled at the small pool at the house, mini golf at Pirate's Cove, watched India - Pakistan All Asia T20 match, Thai food for dinner

Monday - Checked out of rental house at 1000, drove to Minneola, went to Temple, drove to Airport, arrived back home at 2 AM.  Ratna not feeling well with sinus symptoms

Overall it was a fun trip.  We played some Code Names and I learned a new card game called Judgement.  The kids were better behaved, but I am still very set in my ways and the joys of traveling and spending time with extended family are eclipsed by the uncertainty and chaos of large get togethers.  It is really important to maintain relationships, but I need to be a little judicious in the frequency and duration of my participation.

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