Monday, March 06, 2023

Pew Research List of Political Issues - Alphabetically

  • Abortion - I favor access to abortion and fewer laws restricting health care procedures
  • Climate, Energy & Environment - I am in favor of energy policy which allows extraction of natural resources on Federal lands, spends research dollars on future energy development, access to energy for communities and environmental policy that balances human life over environmental purity
  • COVID-19 & Politics - I am against mandatory vaccination policies and closures of public facilities
  • Criminal Justice - I am in favor of eliminating mandatory sentencing. The criminal justice system from police officers to district attorneys are harsher on blacks an other minorities than whites, however I do not have a plan to address that
  • Death Penalty - I am in favor of the death penalty (unfortunately this contradicts my stance on criminal justice)
  • Defense & National Security - I am in favor of a large defense budget.  America first is best achieved with making sure international conflicts are resolved favorably to US interests
  • Discrimination & Prejudice - I am against discrimination and want more investigations into discrimination by government, schools and corporations
  • Drug Policy - Drugs need to be addressed with education, funding mental health and funding community activities
  • Economic Policy - I am in favor of a balanced budget, even if it means a haircut of defense spending and the social safety net.  I accept that debt must be incurred for investment with a positive return such as infrastructure, education and resolving world conflict
  • Education - I am in favor of a national curriculum.  Schools that do not meet the national curriculum guidelines should receive less public funding
  • International Relations - I believe the US is safer with strong international relations.  The tough part is allowing countries to self govern when aware of human atrocities
  • Free Speech & Press - The ownership and incentivization of the press no longer aligns with the intent of free speech and press laws.  Reading "Fall: or, Dodge in Hell", speech and press will be increasingly misleading with the rise of artificial intelligence and targeted news feeds
  • Gun Policy - Ownership should be restricted for the mentally ill and violent criminals.  This benchmark should be identified through background checks for all purchases.  The checks can be waived at the discretion of firearms dealers with government oversight
  • Health Policy - I am in favor of a two tier policy with basic access to healthcare for all individuals up to age 25.  Healthcare after age 25 will have to be accessed as one pays for other insurance such as homeowners insurance, auto insurance, etc.  I agree in limited subsidies for some medications.  After age 65, I do not support subsidies for life extending medical procedures
  • Immigration & Migration - I am in favor of an immigration policy that allows people to escape oppression.  If an asylum seeker cannot support themselves financially, placement is the US should be based on the needs of the local economy.  In effect, the lower the unemployment rate, the more relocation of immigrants and migrants to those communities with temporary work visas.
  • LGBT Acceptance - I am in favor of self expression.  I am aware that children are easily influenced and that hate and love are learned behavior.  Those working in the public sector should temper their expectation of self expression when working with children.
  • National Conditions - The national condition is increasingly favoring corporations through current nature of campaign finance.  Campaign finance reform and voting rights reform will improve the national condition
  • Privacy Rights - Privacy has some bounds.  However, I favor personal privacy in the absence of an imminent threat to public welfare
  • Religion & Government - Religion has no place in government or public policy.  Freedom of religion is vital to a strong national condition
  • Social Security & Medicare - Reform is required in Social Security and Medicare.  Contributions should be maintained, but benefits should be reduced on a sliding scale and at a progressively increasing age.  Medicare should be aligned with my aforementioned views on healthcare.
  • Technology Policy Issues - Technology needs to be regulated when it is misaligned with public welfare.  As individuals behavior is increasingly monetized, there must be some transparency.  Subliminal advertising was introduced in 1957 and there are no laws in the US to prevent them.  Technology will become increasingly sophisticated to the point where reasonable individuals will no longer be able to discern fact from fiction.

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