Thursday, June 15, 2023

Bare Exotherm Jacket

I was at Coral Key Scuba today to pay the lake usage fee and get a tank for diving on Saturday.  While there, I decided to try on 5mm wetsuits and found a pretty good fit with the Mares 5mm in XL.  This was retailing for $329.95.  I was interested in something less bulky than my Henderson Thermoprene 7mm and this did not really feel that different.  Then I tried on a Bare Exowear Jacket over the wetsuit.  This felt much more flexible and not very bulky.

The past few years, I have managed fine with a 3mm wetsuit when water temps are over 70 degrees.  This weekend temps measured at 67 degrees which definitely requires a thicker wetsuit.  I am planning on wearing my 7mm and should be comfortable.  The last time I wore my 7mm it was was 71 degrees and I felt like I was overheating.  Given the amount of diving I do, it is hard enough to justify two wetsuits, much less three.  However this extra layer seems like it would buy me an extra 3-5 degrees.

Part of the motivation was getting a $139 credit on the Tusa fins I won last year.  Otherwise spending $175 on the Exowear jacket would have been tougher.  Another real plus for me is that the Exowear line is "designed for action watersports like diving, surfing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding."

The line includes full suits, long sleeve tops ($160), front zip jackets ($175), vests ($120), pants ($160), shorts ($110), hood ($50), gloves ($50) and socks ($46).

At any rate, it is certainly more likely to get use than a spare pair of fins.  I only have a couple of other small items on my wish list including a wrist computer, new mask and log book binder.

Online guides

Over 82.4 deg F = swimsuit or rash guard (this is what I have done in in Hawaii and Bahamas)
77-80.6 deg F = 2mm shorty wetsuit or 1mm full suit (never tried this)
71.6-75.2 deg F = 3mm (my typical Colorado set up in July and August)
62.6-69.8 deg F = 5mm (was interested in purchasing)
50-60.8 deg F = 7mm full suit or 8/7mm semi dry suit (I have only used this a couple of times in June)

I am not dry suit certified and not sure that I would enjoy diving in water colder than 60 degrees.  I am hard pressed to dive in 60-65 degree water.  I also have gloves and a hood that I can add for additional warmth.

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