Monday, June 12, 2023

Long Haul Travel - Fresh Thoughts

After the India trip, I posted my long haul travel tips.  Most of these worked out great.

I packed the right amount of clothes, we did laundry twice.  The laundry detergent sheets worked well.  In the future, I am considering urban merino shirts and something besides jeans to lighten the load.

I packed the right toiletries.  I needed an extra go-between and will plan on packing one/week as a back-up.

Electronics were good.  I may shop for a lighter power bank and have a European USB charger for myself.

Misc was unnecessary but I will continue to pack.  I used the nail cutter and will add a finger nail cutter.  I used the small scissors.  I definitely liked having mints.

I kept valuables on my person and will buy an additional chums wallet for the next trip.

Medical EDC was good.  I will add sunscreen, extra Claritin and extra Tums.

I liked using the Bose noise canceling headphones on the plane and I liked having wireless ear buds to watch videos during the train rides. I will continue to utilize these.

The 500mL water bottle was big enough and most of the time, I just bought water.

The 10L Patagonia was good for the seat in front of me (I will continue to pack it with light jacket, socks, lotion, hand sanitizer and snacks).  I did not need the power block, but will keep a charging cable and headphones.  The 6L Patagonia was not very useful.  The travel pillow was not very useful.  They give you pillows on flights and the trains were short rides.

I love traveling with my Scott Travel vest, but it did get warm.  I will continue to do so whenever possible.

I liked wearing Hoka shoes and will continue to having running shoes as my primary.

Also, I need to remember to travel with the bags 70-80% full at departure as I have a tendency to accumulate and pack less consistently.

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