Thursday, September 28, 2023

NY Times First Aid Add-Ons

I saw this list and it may be time to beef up my car/home First Aid Kit

Single-use CPR mask - Archer MedTech - $8 from Amazon (price confirmed 9/28/2023)
Naloxone - Walgreens, Target, Walmart ($45 at Walgreens 9/28/2023) 
Tourniquet - SWAT-T - $16 from Amazon (price confirmed 9/28/2023)
Hemostatic gauze - QuikClot Combat Gauze - $43 from MediTac (price confirmed 9/28/2023)
Splint - SAM Splint - $11 from Amazon (price confirmed 9/28/2023)

I still cannot believe I got rid of the SAM Splint roll that I had purchased for Softball.  Despite it being 15 years ago, that stuff is always good to have around.

Probably worth having Naloxone, Hemostatic Gauze and SAM Splint.  Not sure about Tourniquet or CPR Mask.

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