Saturday, November 04, 2023

Extreme Ownership

Part I:  Winning the War Within
Chapter 1: Extreme Ownership
Chapter 2: Not bad teams, only bad leaders
Chapter 3: Believe
Chapter 4: Check the Ego

Part II: The Laws of Combat
Chapter 5: Cover and Move
Chapter 6: Simple
Chapter 7: Prioritize and Execute
Chapter 8: Decentralized Command

Part III: Sustaining Victory
Chapter 9: Plan
Chapter 10: Leading Up and Down
Chapter 11: Decisiveness and Uncertainty
Chapter 12: The Dichotomy of Leadership

I have read quite a few self help books and business books and I have always gained pearls of wisdom.  Extreme Ownership is no different.  Getting the right people on the bus and believing in the mission is important for success.  Working the fundamentals, keeping things simple and doing the next right thing establishes a pattern of winning (Make your bed!).

Planning and leading up and down the chain are skills that I need to work on more.  This book provided a good foundation for me.

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