Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Subaru Oil Change - Oil Pressure Sensor

On Tuesday, we took our 2011 Subaru in for an annual oil change.  The mileage was only 2000 since the last oil change, but still important.

Driving home the oil warning light went on.  I returned the the dealership.  They checked the oil level, drain plug and verified no leaks and then reset the light using a nifty trick with the fuse panel.

Driving home again, the oil warning light again kicked on.  I returned to the dealership which offered a full diagnostic.  They got my a Lyft home and kept the car overnight.

Wednesday the recommendation was replacing the oil pressure sensor which was experiencing an intermittent short.  This kind of made sense, but turned out to be an expensive fix at $491.05 + $68.75 shop fee + $23.33 tax = $583.13.

This is the first repair the vehicle has needed.  Everything else has been routine (albeit expensive) maintenance.

My plan is still to keep the car for the girls to drive back and forth from school for the next four years and then either keep as a spare vehicle or sell.  I would not feel comfortable sending them away for college with this and will likely purchase a new vehicle.

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