Sunday, March 31, 2024

D'Evelyn vs Conifer V2/JV - 3/29/2024

D'Evelyn hosted Conifer at the high school courts.  The girls on both squads are definitely getting into a rhythm.  Although the weather started off as a sunny 45 degrees,  a slight dip in temperature and overcast skies brought out the sweatshirts and for the sidelines, hats and gloves.

The girls were playing best of three sets, but a tie break would be played if a third set was forced.  Sudden death was the rule at deuce.


Conifer started off serving and won the first game, before D'Evelyn took off winning the next five games.  D'Evelyn won the first set 6-2 without ever getting their service broken.

The second set was much more back and forth with constant service breaks.  The girls got mixed up on the score and settled at 2-1 Conifer (instead of 3-2 Conifer).  

D'Evelyn vs Conifer (Played as)

2-3 (1-2)
2-4 (1-3)
3-4 (2-3)
3-5 (2-4)
4-5 (3-4)
5-5 (4-4)
6-5 (5-4)
6-6 (5-5)
7-6 (6-5)
7-7 (6-6)
8-7 (7-6)

Tie break is first to seven points and D'Evelyn squeaked past7-4 avoiding the third tie break set.

26 first serves
2 second serves
0 aces
0 double faults

16 forehand winners
14 forehand errors
1 backhand winner
1 backhand error

4 forehand volley winners
2 forehand volley errors
0 backhand volley winners
0 backhand volley errors

The teams were pretty well matched with both teams serving well.  Conifer quickly learned to lob it over the player at the net.  That is something D'Evelyn could have worked on.  

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