Sunday, April 28, 2024

New Trash Can

I have been using an old 5 gallon bucket as a trash can in my home office for quite some time.  About 2 weeks ago, Kevin O'Conner listed a unique item on Facebook Marketplace.  This golf themed trash can was priced at $50 and while probably reasonable, a little much for my tastes.  The price was then dropped to $40 after a week and today dropped again to $35.  I offered him $25 and we met in the middle at $30.  I picked it up and could not be happier.  All of the zippers work and the leather is in really nice condition.

It was marked on the bottom as Atlantic Full Grain Leather and doing a google search, I am feeling better about the price.  They are listed on eBay from $50 up to $100 with most selling at closer to the $50 mark plus $15-$30 shipping.  They were sold in dark green, light green, black, white and burgundy.

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