Friday, May 31, 2024

Casa Bonita

This was our 3rd trip to Casa Bonita.  Our last trip in 2015 confirmed that we did not like the food and it was all around too gross.  This was our first trip since the remodel and I was very impressed.

There is no longer the funky not quite chlorine smell permeating the restaurant.  The floors and surfaces are not sticky.  Entry is still a bit of a production and the price point is high for the food that is served.  It was served quickly and of reasonable quality on the order of a Del Taco or Taco Bell.

Our family tried the Enchiladas, Carnitas, Taco Salad and Chili Relleno.  The carnitas were the favorite dish, the chips and salsa were good.  The sopapillas could stand to have more honey.  Service within the restaurant was great.

In terms of entertainment, we saw the cliff divers, magic show, heard the band, toured Black Bart's cave and took a picture with Cartman.  We walked through the arcade.  We did not do a Tarot card reading, see the puppet show or have a balloon animal made.

Overall it was not an altogether unpleasant experience.  For our family, it was $30 each for lunch that included a soft drink and sopapillas.  Adult beverages or additional desserts would have been extra.  Definitely not a regular dinner destination, but not something to be shunned if family or friends are visiting from out of town.

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