Monday, July 08, 2024

4th of July Scuba Bash

I think this was the 28th year that Coral Key hosted the Scuba Bash and my 7th year participating.  This year there were 62 divers which seemed pretty chaotic.  I dove with Mark and had a good dive besides being a little out of sorts myself.

Starting off I misassembled my gear by first forgetting to connect my low pressure inflator and second not having my fins with me.  Second, I lost my weight pocket (again) and was diving unbalanced from nearly the jump.

Navigation was good.  The water was warm and I should have gone with my 3mm instead of my 5mm wetsuit.  After 40 minutes we surfaced and I could not get back down with the remaining 6 pounds that I had.  I borrowed 6 pounds from Mark to finish the dive.  I am ready for a new mask and BCD.  Even if I do not get a new BCD, I am going to start permanently fixing my weight pockets.

They did some great prices again with masks, fins, Oceanic dive computer, torches and Space Fish Army rash guards.  They also had gift cards for $75 off gear service or specialty courses.

2016 - XS Scuba gear bag, never used
2017 - Tusa fins, traded to offset Atomic SS1
2020 - Akona Backpack, never used
2021 - SP Gadgets GoPro holder and case, donated to Boy Scouts
2022 - Tusa fins, traded to offset Bare Exotherm jacket
2023 - Oceanic Viper 2 fins, TBD
2024 - Hydroflask water bottle and Mask Strap - TBD

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