Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Loop

The loop is an affectionately known test piece of mine that is a little over 3 miles long and relatively flat. While I no longer run competitively, I can't help but track the results of my "daily" runs.

I loosely use the term daily because 4 days/week is cause for celebration. Running has always provided me the best form of exercise for weight loss and cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, running once abandoned is difficult to rekindle The ebbs and flows of my running have gone from competitive running in high school to a decade long hiatus to completing a marathon to another multi-year hiatus.

As I embraced running this fall, I was pleased to not set a new "personal worst" for the Loop. I have been running regularly since September and have managed to slowly creep down on a five period moving average. Granted my times are a far cry from my personal record of 26 minutes, but 5 years and 15 pounds do make a difference.

So to the rest of you speed challenged runners, enjoy the coming winter.

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