Wednesday, November 07, 2007


As I have been confronted by a new blogger, I thought it was time to update my own "failed" blog with a last post date of nearly three years ago. I was somewhat surprised that it was still in tact and taking up space on a storage device somewhere.

The premise of this rant is still relevant as I continue to work in the tech industry and have earned an MBA which is proudly framed in my office. However, I feel that my contribution to the blogging readership may be better served with my musings on other topics. The tech-mba filter will hopefully still be relevant.

The two biggest updates since October 2004 are my happy marriage and the birth of our first child, a little girl. Project management skills are vital to a happy family. Unfortuanately writing down requirements, creating a schedule, creating a budget and developing a change progress will surely cause marital strife, especially as the PM title will be hotly debated. It is important to communicate on all of these topics as a team.

Our little one falls into this metaphor as either the project itself or as a disruptive team member. As a project we are beginning to understand her constantly changing requirements with no formal change process. She further has no respect for budgets or schedules.

As a team member, she possesses incredible enthusiasm and is willing to try (to eat) anything once. Unfortunately her communications skills leave something to be desired, the most clear indicator of which requirement is currently unmet is the tone of her vocalizations.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Tech-mba. It is good to read your blog entries again. They inspire me to write as well.