Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Passage to India Part VII

This is the last installment and I am sure my readers are anxious for me to move on to different topics. Our journey home begins at the Mumbai International Airport Sunday night. Fortunately we consumed and distributed more items than we purchased and collected. We had 4 checked bags and 3 carry-on bags. Diya had a bag, we had the rolling carry-on and of course the pump which saw one day of action for its world travels. The Mumbai airport is pretty incredible with lounge chairs for weary travelers. Check-in was painless as well and our 2 hours early to the airport was overkill.

The flight was uneventful and arriving in Heathrow was quite pleasant as we had about 5 hours to freshen up, do some light shopping and have lunch. Light shopping consisted of me getting something for my colleagues as I am always hesitant traveling with Indian sweets although they travel quite well and appeal to a variety of pallets. Lunch was nice and Ratna ordered the London breakfast which consisted of eggs, beans and mushrooms, toast, potatoes and a grilled tomato. The rest of the time we wandered around the duty free shops and other retailers.

Our leg from London to Denver was equally uneventful although we were all very tired. Fortunately customs was painless and we had a driver scheduled who whisked us home. I highly recommend a car service for travel to/from the airport. It is expensive, but also very nice to go first class.

Arriving home, I got laundry started (4 loads total) and went out is search of comfort foods including Chick-Fil-A and Taco Bell. I also thoroughly enjoyed a hot shower and cushy bed. Life on the road is tough no matter where you go. East or West home is the best.

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