Monday, March 24, 2008


March Madness is officially upon us. For those true college hoops fans, I apologize for jumping on the hype. I am a casual observer of sports at best and I have never been competitive when it comes to brackets. I thought this year would be different as I selected 25 of 32 games in the first round. I came to my senses when I realized that I had only gone 8 of 16 in the second round.

Fortunately my final four is still in tact, but that may not mean much as they were highly seeded teams. My big killers were Georgetown (2) and Duke (2). I had both of these high seeds going to the elite 8 and that will obviously not happen with Georgetown losing to Davidson and Duke losing to West Virginia.

This was not my year to watch college hoops with any additional enthusiasm. I would flip over and catch the scores. I watched the end of the Purdue game and Memphis game by happenstance.

This year I did make some stunning revelations. Regardless of the seeding, I should consult the Vegas odds on each of the games. I trust the folks setting the line more than the NCAA. I could consult road records and free throw shooting percentages, but that is really too much trouble unless I have a little money riding on the outcome. A sawbuck just isn’t enough motivation.

As far as jersey colors and mascots, I would be struggling to even know what they were. I am not even sure where some of these schools are located. Maybe I will try to make a go at the brackets by red & blue states next year.

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