Thursday, March 06, 2008

Light Duty Truck

I believe it is time to say goodbye to my beloved Chevrolet S-10 pick up truck. After 14 years and 170,000 miles, I intend to clean it up and put out the for sale sign.

I bought a new vehicle a few years ago, but kept the Chevy for sentimental reasons and because the dealer did not want to take it in trade. At the time KBB was $1800 and it has fallen to $1500 over the past 3 years. This is not a substantial amount of money and maintenance on the truck had been relatively cheap.

I use the term relatively as any vehicle’s maintenance should average $300/year between oil changes, wiper blades, batteries, head lights, tires, brakes and shocks. Insurance has also been reasonable at $200/year. The odd ball expenses are what make one cringe a little bit, especially as none of the aforementioned items will leave you stranded. A fuel pump (which just went out), oil pump or transmission could leave you in a bind.

As it happens the fuel pump went out while I was taking my daughter to daycare. This unwelcome turn of events was relatively painless as we coasted to a reasonably safe spot, the cops came by within 10 minutes and my wife could grab our daughter to go to daycare. However, this could have been much worse with a stop in a dangerous or remote location.

For a buyer, the vehicle is a tremendous bargain at $1500 considering it has been well maintained by the original owner. There is a clean title and regular emissions checks for the past 10 years. The routine maintenance has been as follows:

Oil change – Sept 2007
Wiper blades – Feb 2007
Battery – Oct 2006 (5 year battery)
Head lights – 2006
Tires – Studded snow tires: 2 from 2007, 2 from 2004
Brakes – June 2007 (new front pads and machine rotors)
Shocks – June 2007 (replaced under warranty)

In addition, there is a Pioneer after market stereo, including Sirius car audio, and Infinity speakers.

The obvious downside is 14 years of scratches and dents to the interior and exterior.

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