Friday, April 18, 2008

Tech Toys Part II

Continuing to survey the field of sports tech gadgets reminds me why I had to implement a 2 week lag on new purchases. Inevitably I find that I will either a) lose interest or b) find something I want more or c) come my senses on how impractical it is.

My closet and basement are a testament to my varied purchases. Many of the items actually saw significant use and were retired for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately this was not the case for all of the items. Fortunately I got rid of some items like the roller blades and bouldering crash pad with the last move. There is something about tech gadgets that is terribly addictive. I have a Palm m505, a 30GB Dell DJ, a 1GB Ipod nano, and even an off brand portable hard drive video recorder/player. All of which were reasonable purchases that I had some fun with but have now fallen by the wayside.

The latest item that I have lost interest in is upgrading the stock mustang sound system. When I sold the truck, I could not wait to get an alpine system with an Ipod connection. I have achieved the trifecta of losing interesting, wanting sports gadgets more and realizing that for the amount of new music I gather burning CD’s is more than sufficient.

As you can tell by reason b) I have a line drawn in the sand at May 2nd at which time I will reconsider purchasing the Polar s625x heart rate monitor with foot pod (for distance). The obvious coolest feature is the ability to download workouts to a PC. The obvious downside is the $360 price tag. The most fun part will be comparing and contrasting features with the Suunto t6 and various GPS enabled devices.

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