Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weekend Warrior

As I cautioned myself at the beginning of softball season, I knew I had to be aware of the potential for injury. This week was the week as I pulled a quad muscle hustling to first base. I actually felt like I did a reasonable job stretching, but I did not take a jog to warm up like I should have. In addition I went for a bicycle ride in the morning and then let myself tighten up.

In any event, I will be starting the rehab process. My plan is to take it easy for 2-3 days and then start cycling and running again later in the week. As there is no swelling or bruising it is pretty minor and considering the gamut of potential injuries, this seems pretty painless. I guess we will see how long the recover takes before making any bold claims.

The worst part is that it was not even a crucial play. Just a slog to first base.

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