Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Time Trial

While it is arguable if I were ever a competitive runner, I did participate in high school track and cross country races and have done multiple road races with distances from 1 mile to 26.2 miles. Today I run primarily for fitness and weight loss with little attention paid to speed.

Recently however I participated in a 5K time trial as a qualifier for my corporate team in a popular local road race. I was a bit leery of timing myself among my colleagues with my depressing 11 minute mile pace. I did get out and show up and ran what was a reasonably impressive 28:24. This is a fairly slow 5K time by most runners’ standards but was an achievement for me as I was knocking on the door of 9 minute miles.

The only real downside to running in the time trial was that I finished last and the results were broadcast to a fairly large distribution list.

Personal Bests:
2 mile: 10:50 (1989)
3 mile: 18:05 (1988)

Bolder Boulder Race Results
BB 10K 2003: 56:56
BB 10K 2002: 48:13
BB 10K 2001: 48:39

Bolder Backroads Half Marathon
2:00:37 (2001)

Motorola Marathon
4:32:13 (2002)

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