Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You’ve Got to Feed a Cold

I was long overdue to catch a bug this season. Aside from a stomach bug last fall, my innards have been reasonably healthy. My biggest health issues have been musculoskeletal. This little episode started with my wife early last week and quickly spread to my daughter and then to me by Thursday. I did not feel too bad and that unfortunately made all the difference.

I was level headed enough to not run or exercise on Friday and let my body rest. I wish I could have said the same thing for the weekend. Instead of rest and relaxation I put in two solid bike rides and a softball double header. While no outing in and of itself was outrageous, all put together it took its toll. I sat Monday morning feeling pretty lousy and today I find myself coughing up the lovely yellow sputum.

What crosses my mind now is when to resume training? I am not competing in any events soon, nor is training part of my financial livelihood, however I feel compelled to stay in a routine. Otherwise I am very apt to fall into the couch potato lifestyle. The weather here has also been exceptionally nice yesterday and today, so I am in an even deeper quandary.

Looking at websites, the rule of thumb is that if a cold is above the neck, go ahead and train and if it is below the neck take time off. Following that rule of thumb I will again be on the bench and should feel better for the snow storm predicted tomorrow. So it goes…

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