Friday, April 11, 2008

Writer's Strike - Part II

I don’t quite recall when the writer’s strike came to an end or what the resolution was. I do know that some of my favorite serials are starting to air new episodes which are making a significant dent in my free time. Criminal Minds has been new for a couple of weeks and the episodes are still reasonably well done. CSI has also been new, but I have been hit or miss watching those at time of air as I can view them on Demand.

It has been exciting for the whole family as the rest of the crew is interested in The Office which was new last night and Desperate Housewives which will have a two hour event Sunday night.

All in all it is a good thing the new episode are starting to air as we have exhausted any movies of interest on NetFlix. “Lions for Lambs” was the most recent arrival and it left something to be desired. While it did provide a social commentary in a pretty wrapper, it was not terribly entertaining. I was more impressed with “No Country for Old Men” which did not have much of a point, but was wildly entertaining.

I probably won’t miss the Science Channel or the History Channel which were both getting more mind share than they probably deserved. I have been enjoying the series “Gangland” on the History Channel and will continue to keep an eye out for new episodes.

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