Friday, July 25, 2008

New Year’s Resolutions – Part II

I have had numerous opportunities this year to reflect on where I am in life, what I have accomplished and what I would like to achieve. I set forth some New Year’s resolutions:

1. Organize date night once per month - SUCCESS
2. Plan one getaway weekend with my wife – FAILURE
3. Lose 10 lbs - FAILURE
4. Bicycle 300 miles - SUCCESS
5. Play fewer than 200 hours of casino poker - SUCCESS
6. Call my close friends once per month - FAILURE
7. Take a family vacation – SUCCESS

Rather than scroll to the January archives, you can see the list reprinted again with the month 7 status. It is interesting to contemplate how much of the successes and failures are the result of effort, discipline or happenstance.

I feel that date night has been a concentrated effort. Unfortunately that streak may break down this month. Bicycling has been a similar effort. Poker and the family vacation have been happenstance. I have been playing less poker as we have been busier this year and playing with my Daughter and sports have moved up the 1-15 scale. The family trip to India was planned by my wife as will any other family trip we take this year so I am kind of along for the ride.

The shortcomings are also a mixed bag. Keeping in touch with friends and the weight loss has been a lack of effort. Similarly the getaway weekend has been a little bit of both lack of effort on my part and the absence of an opportunity so far this year and for the remainder of the year.

The balance of the year should provide opportunity to get together with friends around the holiday and regain any weight that I have lost through this year.

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