Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trip to Austin

This weekend we made a trip to Austin, Texas for my nephew’s birthday. My family is not so close that we always get together for birthdays, but it turned out to be a good weekend for everybody and the tickets were cheap.

Friday afternoon we arrived and stopped by which wich for sandwiches. My mom had made paranthas so we ate those as well. The Bhavsar’s arrived from Houston and we all enjoyed dinner at the luxurious dining room table.

Saturday was the party day which was held at Goin’ Bananas Playnasium. The highlights included a mad dash for food, sliding on the inflatable toys and wondrous blue frosting on the cake. It is tough to get that many together and everybody had a lot of fun.

Sunday was the wind down day. My parents flew out in the morning. After 2 days of not watching my diet or exercising it was nice to get into the pool for some laps. I put in 2X 400 meters and felt really good. While my daughter did not join me for laps, she did get her share of activity at the pool and was reflecting on the trip. I joined my sisters for some shopping at the mall, but for me it was more people watching as there is nothing I need from the mall right now.

Somewhere between loading the cars and the flight home, my body rebelled against the lack of activity. Monday I woke up with a sore back and tight plantar fascia. Assuming it was no big deal I kept up my routine on the elliptical trainer. Tuesday was the worst and the pain moved to the top of my foot. I have been percolating between a self diagnosis of Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and flexor hallucis longus tendonitis. At any rate moderation of activity and NSAIDs usually resolve the issue which is most likely some underlying exercise induced muscle imbalance or calcification from an old minor injury.

It will be another rest day, before ramping back into my fitness plan. In the favorite links you will notice the “Fit Day” addition. I have been using there website as a test bed for nutrition modification.

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