Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Training Log

Even though this was a shorter week, I am again contemplating my nutrition and sleep habits as I have continued to feel lethargic. It is not a matter of being winded during a workout, but instead my limbs feel heavy. In any event, I managed to maintain my cycling mileage, but only got one day at the pool. In all likelihood, I am going to skip the Stroke n’ Stride and focus on participating in the Rattlesnake Tri.

The long weekend was actually a nice break and a relief to have the legs rest up. I am starting to contemplate massage to improve recovery. It is more reasonable for me to consider that I ramped up too fast by adding swim workouts to an already hectic running and bicycling schedule. I am looking forward to turning the corner towards targeted speed workouts rather than the drudgery of base miles/laps.

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