Thursday, July 03, 2008

Training Log

It has been an interesting week and I am pretty close to writing down some goals in order to keep my motivation up and train effectively. My mileage is off for the week and I have felt somewhat lethargic. As we all know, “There is no such thing as overtraining, only under sleeping, under eating and failure of will.” I will chalk my drop off as under sleeping.

At any rate, my current race plans include:

July (need to commit to a date) – Stroke n’ Stride (750m open water swim, 5K run)

August 17 – Rattlesnake Tri (500 m open water swim, 12 mile bike, 5K run)

September 21 – Boulder Backroads (1/2 marathon)

During the offseason, I would like to purchase a time trial bike and possibly a wetsuit. I am overdue for a new bike as my current road bike was a birthday present to myself when I turned 30. I am still focused on the health benefits of cardiovascular exercise and it is not my intention to compete more than 1/month during the season.

The week ahead will be a maze of interruptions with the long weekend. It will be nice to kick back and spend time with the family. It will also be a welcome break from softball as I am still irritated by a scraped knee that resulted from a slide into second base. Yes, I was safe, broke up the play at first and scored on an overthrow so it was kind of worth it.

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