Monday, August 04, 2008

Plantar Fasciitis

I finally broke down and got an appointment for my left foot which has been bothering me for the past several weeks and came to a head as I have been hobbling around since Tuesday. Needless to say all training has stopped and my movement has been limited to activities of daily living and my sedentary desk job. After nearly a week of incapacitation I finally feel like I am turning the corner, but I would like to get looked at by a professional and have a diagnosis even if the treatment is the same.

The self administered treatment has been rest, ice, compression and elevation along with stretching, the occasional hot pack and gobs of NSAIDs (read as anywhere from 800mg to 1600mg of Advil daily). To put the dose in perspective, 200mg will usually knock out a headache for me.

This has been a relapsing and remitting injury for several years and I have been documenting the onset and resolution for the last 2 years:

1: onset 9/30/2006, resolution 10/11/2006, 11 days
2: onset 5/12/2007, resolution 5/21/2007, 8 days
3: onset 6/3/2007, resolution 8/2/2007, 59 days
4: onset 2/14/2008, resolution 3/9/2008, 25 days
5: onset 7/14/2008, resolution??, 20+ days

The injury usually begins as tightening on the bottom of the foot and then wanders around the Achilles tendon, and lateral and medial ankle. It has been a dull ache as well as a sharp pain, usually accompanied by mild swelling to moderate swelling. It has typically resolved itself within a few weeks, but the episodes have been longer and more painful. Stay tuned for the follow up post.

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