Wednesday, August 06, 2008


As the trifecta of ankle pain, dental issues and the Gupta household cough continues to unfold I think it is time for an update.

My ankle is doing pretty well. I am now going on 8 days of complete rest, 3 days of icing in the evenings and the continued Advil consumption which is down to 400mg daily. I am still working under the self diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. The podiatrist appointment is still 2 weeks out and I still plan on attending in the absence of a full recovery.

Dental issues are a little tougher as I have completed the root canal, but have not had the permanent filling or crown work. The tooth itself is pretty sore and I could not imagine eating on that side of my mouth.

The root canal itself was relatively painless. This particular office had a flat screen and a selection of movies. The real key was the wireless head phones. I think a lot of the anxiety and eeriness of a dental trip is from the noise of the drills and files. Having on a pair of headphones and watching 30-45 minutes of a familiar movie removes all of that.

Flatirons Endodontics did a great job with the local anesthesia administration as well. It was only mildly painful and included the slowest more careful administration of numbing agent I have ever had.

The $XXX out of pocket expenses were a bit tough to swallow (pun intended). Since my insurance was capped, I had to cover nearly 70% of the costs rather than 20% of the costs. This only warns of things to come.

The household cough has taken some interesting turns. My daughter finally started dredging up some mucous. Unfortunately it was dark yellow, which makes me think she has a secondary bacterial infection in addition to the most likely viral cough. If she starts wheezing a trip to the doctor is in order to rule out pneumonia. My wife is recovering well also. She has regained her sense of smell which is the new gage of how things are going. Of course now I have no excuse not to change diapers, but I am glad she is better. I have still been working with a tickle in my throat. I am not sure if the antibiotics for my tooth were good or bad, but I am glad to be off of them per my endodontist. The digestive issues associated with systemic antibiotics are brutal.

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