Monday, November 24, 2008

All of the Buckets Can’t Be Full

It has always surprised me that when one aspect of my life is on the upswing another is invariably in decline. I guess all pursuits have their ups and downs, but I seem to pay attention more.

The point in question currently is the demise of my poker win/loss rate and the blossoming of my bicycling. October 2008 equaled my worst month on record which occurred in July 2005. That is what happens when you have four losing sessions in a row. It is hard to outwit the luck factor especially when having a great first half of the year. I need to remind myself that poker is a hobby with a budget and if I am not prepared to handle the reversals of fortune, I should find another hobby.

On the bright side, I am looking at my first 100 mile cycling month since July. The weather has really been cooperating and our household activities have fallen off to the point that it has been very easy to slip out for a quick hour on the bike. Daylight savings has discouraged my weeknight rides, but November is a 5 weekend month. Granted every competitive cyclist and most recreational cyclists consider anything less than 100 miles/week something to be ashamed of. For me it is a terrific hobby in terms of health benefits, fresh air and a chance to clarify my thoughts on other aspects of life.

I vaguely remember a magazine article in which the author claims that his most important life decisions were made while riding. I do not recall when I chose my life’s profession or decided to ask my wife for her hand in marriage. However, I am pretty sure some bicycling mindshare was given to those and countless other topics.

Bicycling can be an expensive hobby as well. Recently I talked myself out of a new carbon fiber time trial bike. Never mind the fact that I have never competed in a time trial series, I was ready for something new as my current bicycle while in excellent shape is going on 8 year old technology.

Aside from hobbies, family life and career has been in a holding pattern. The downturn in the economy is certainly unnerving. Fortunately life at home has been going really well with my Mother-in-law staying with us. This has given my wife and I the opportunity to get out on the town several times over the past couple of months. We have also taken in cultural activities as the Indian festival season is increasingly celebrated around the world, even in our neck of the woods which occasionally feels like a diversity void.

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