Monday, December 01, 2008

Terror in Mumbai

It is very difficult for me to understand the feelings that grip people living with the constant threat of violence. It is a testament to the Indian spirit that while mourning for the losses, a nation can be committed to taking back their city. Security will be improved and people will again feel safe.

Mumbai as a target shows how prominent and vital India has become to the world economy and world political leadership. While the violence in Darfur is based on a similar precept of ethnic conflict, terror cells are seeking prominent viable targets to further their mission. Jihadists are seeking a global conflict in an attempt to restore Islamic fundamentalism.

History has shown us that religious conflicts can last hundreds of years. The crusades were a different style of conflict but the intent and proposed end game were the same. In modern times the strategies for conflict will continue to evolve. World peace can only be born through education and well being of all world citizens. Unfortunately this idyllic end state cannot be created by gangs of nations battling both domestic strife and international conflicts.

Current events will also provide the opportunity for international intelligence communities to prove their mettle. Given the history of conflict between India and Pakistan, the roots of the attack could be attributed to anti-Indian sentiment. The current popular sentiment appears to be anti-Western sentiment with India representing a nation becoming more in line with Western ideals in terms of economic policy and international diplomacy.

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