Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading was a bad movie, but somehow it managed to exceed my expectations. I don’t know if that is a reflection of the trailers or the negative word on the street. The plot is interesting enough and looks at the lives of people in Washington as their paths cross during the span of a few weeks. The cast is excellent and includes plenty of big names as well as up and comers.

I got lost as to the genre of the film which was occasionally dark comedy to comedy to shocking scenes with blood and gore. The characters are former CIA, current CIA, other government employees, novelists, lawyers and gym staff. The plot navigates blackmail, extortion, infidelity, selfish and giving individuals and all-out weird individuals. At the end there are at least 2 deaths, with a fairly certain 3rd death.

I cannot in good conscious recommend this movie as a rental. With the network premier on TNT in the not too distant future, I would recommend taking in the first 15 minutes and depending on how they do the TV editing, you may find yourself renting it. I guess they figured as long as there would be blood and guts for an R rating you might as well have plenty of vulgar dialogue and some sexuality.

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